golf handicap performance tracking software

CaddieMasterPro - Release Notes

Version 1.17e

New Features

  1. Changes have been made to the Jewel Case Mini-Manual that is delivered in printed form with the retail version and in an electronic format when both the full install and the upgrade programs are downloaded. The back cover of the manual now does a better job of explaining how product support can be acquired. Also the manual that is delivered electronically with program upgrades has been enhanced to include a "Getting Started With Real Data" step that describes how to set up a new golf course from scratch.
  2. The colors of blue and black tend to dominate the display of text in the CaddieMasterPro program. To help make the text that identifies the tabs on many of the screens more visible, that color has been altered to dark maroon.
  3. The "CaddieMasterPro" graphics that appears at the top of various reports has been enhanced to have a more pleasing "look" when printed using a non-color printer -- particularly for many ink-jet models.
  4. The menu at the top of the main screen has been enhanced such that when the "Golfers" option is selected followed by either the "Full Function Golfers" or "Casual Golfers" sub-menu, a third level of sub-menus is now displayed. When one of these new third-level sub-options is selected, the applicable golfer's screen is still displayed, but now control passes directly to the tab that corresponds to the selected sub-menu option.
  5. The wording displayed on one of the Main Screen control buttons has been altered from "Golf Course Maintenance" to "Add/Edit Golf Courses". This was done because the general feeling was that "golf course maintenance" refers to things like "mowing the grass" and not to the creation or alteration of computer golf course information.
  6. "Behind the scene" changes have been made to the program to facilitate the integration of user-supplied golf course information into the standard System Golf Course database file that is made available to all users via web site download at no cost.
  7. The "Help" screen display has been enhanced to display the current version number and the location and name of the CaddieMasterPro database on the opening help screen. It has also been enhanced to support the display of a new sub-screen that displays how the user's database file plays a key role in good backup techniques AND how it can be used by a CaddieMasterPro owner to participate in the new "course information sharing" program that is now available. Also, the wording of various help message text has been improved.
  8. On the "Golfers" screen, the scorecards that appear on the Calendar "Details" screen and on the Trend Analysis tab have both been enhanced by reversing the positions of the "length" row and the "par" row. This has been done because golfers tend to want to quickly link the hole score and putts taken with the par for hole. The switching of these rows makes that easier to do. In addition, on the displayed Trend Analysis scorecard, the display of "average" scores and putts has been made consistent with the display of good and poor values by showing a blue background color along with a white foreground color.
  9. A useful new feature has been added to improve score entry functionality. On the "Performance" tab of "System Control Parameters" screen (a sub-option of "Maintenance"), the user now has a new configuration option. When entering scores, the user can choose to have the displayed golf course be EITHER the default course linked to the golfer OR the last course entered for any other golfer. The former approach was used in the past, but the latter approach will be particularly useful for users that tend to enter several scores for different golfers playing on the same golf course. This situation would be applicable to users of the "club" version or to users that tend to keep scores for a few other friends that regularly play together at the same course, but not necessarily at the default course.
  10. Enhanced Processing Flow

  11. The process of copying system golf course files has been streamlined by having the program immediately go to the usual folder (if applicable) where the system golf course database can be found (namely, "c:\Program Files\CaddieMasterPro") thus eliminating the need for the user to drill down to the applicable folder for most installations.
  12. The editing of golf course information has been enhanced such that when the men's or ladies' hole handicap values or pars are altered, the program now automatically applies the changes to all other tees for the applicable gender.
  13. When entering hole lengths and hole pars on the Scorecard tab of the "Add/Edit Golf Courses" screen, the program now computes and displays total length and total par values just after an applicable value has been entered.
  14. On the Rapid Entry of Scores screen, the "Casual Golfer" option button has been disabled if in fact no casual golfers have been entered. This essentially eliminates an opton that just doesn't make sense under the described circumstances.
  15. On the "Score Entry - Full" screen, the entry of a revised course slope and/or rating would cause control to be transferred to the "Update" button as soon as the value is altered. This approach has been improved such that control is not transferred until the user exits the applicable slope and rating value boxes.
  16. Bug Fixes

  17. When the Report screen is initially displayed, the user-specified default tee color for the default golf course is now properly displayed.
  18. A minor problem has been eliminated on the Golfer Spreadsheet screen. In the unlikely situation where 20 rounds have been entered and the differential for the 8th, 9th or 10th positions are tied such that the total number of counters exceeds 10, then the program has been improved such that all counters that bring the total count over 10 are in fact no longer considered to be counters and are no longer displayed with a bright yellow background.. This approach ensures that the number of "counter" rounds never exceeds 10.
  19. When using the "Add/Edit Golf Courses" screen, the program now fully disables the drop-down "Area" box if the first displayed golf course is a demo course.
  20. The golfer handicap listing sometimes showed the incorrect Course Handicap when the designated course slope was altered from the default value of 113. This has been corrected.
  21. In some earlier versions, if the user chooses to alter the "up and down chances" value on the Round Summary Stats screen, the new value would not always "stick". This has been corrected.
  22. In some rare situations, the ladies' par, rating and slope would not be correctly displayed on the Score Rapid Entry screen. This has been corrected.

Version 2.01d

New Features

  1. On-line help has been added. It is now possible to use your RIGHT mouse to click
    on many elements and thus invoke the instant display of an explanatory help message.
  2. A major enhancement has been made to the manner in which 9-hole rounds are handled. 
    The adopted approach introduces new concepts, which include the creation of the "9-hole stats 
    only" round and the "combined-9s handicap" round. With the new approach the user can, at 
    data entry time, choose to enter scores for the front 9, the back 9 or the full 18 holes. 
    The calendar has been adapted to show different colors for rounds of a different type. 
    Having entered 9-hole rounds, it is now possible on the spreadsheet screen to show JUST 
    9-hole rounds and having invoked that option, to compute and display a 9-hole handcicap.
  3. The graph linked to a round of golf on the "Trend Analysis" tab of the "Golfers Calendar" 
    screen has been enhanced to show the hole handicap values for the applicable golf course. Also 
    an entirely new graph can now be displayed. It is now possible to display a graph of the strokes 
    over or under par for each hole for the current round and an average for the last 10 rounds.
  4. The "Summary of Handicap Rounds by Golfer" report has been enhanced by adding the following features: (a) it is now possible to include several blank lines at the beginning of a report for a particular golfer thus facilitating the entry of scores to be submitted to a Handicap 
    Coordinator; (b) it is now possible for the user to optionally invoke the printing of a one-line 
    analysis of the applicable golfer's handicap trend; (c) similarly, the user can optionally choose 
    to print summary stats for a defined number of rounds; (d) the BEST rounds of the ones printed 
    are now printed in a bold font.
  5. The creation of a new golf course area to be linked to new golf courses has been made more 
    intuitive by directly linking that process to the creation of a new golf course.
  6. The allocation of the "default golfer" status has been made more intuitive by directly linking 
    it to the process of setting up a new golfer.
  7. The program now supports a new command button labeled "Getting Started WIZARD". The clicking of this 
    button leads the user through the basic steps needed to prepare the program for regular use.
  8. Enhanced Processing Flow

  9. When creating a new golf course the program has been enhanced such that the "Update" button now comes alive as soon as all valid data has been entered.
  10. The "Add/Edit Golf Courses" screen has been enhanced to allow a par of 6 to be entered.
  11. The description of the approach being used to compute the Adjusted Gross Score, as shown on 
    the applicable "Handicap Approach" tab of the "Maintain System Control Information" screen, has been improved.
  12. The hole-by-hole score entry screen, it is now possible to override the computed Adjusted Gross Score. This is useful for users that do not want to use the rules defined by the USGA and the RCGA.
  13. On the "Golfers / Calendar" screen, the tab that used to be labeled "Maintenance" has been altered to display "Add/Edit Golfers" -- a phrasing that is more meaningful to the average user.
  14. A useful change has been made to the Golf Course Importing function such that it is now possible to directly import courses from one CaddieMasterPro user's database to another if a few simple procedures are followed.
  15. Bug Fixes

  16. Some text displays linked to various radio buttons on the "Enter Scores -- Detailed" screen were overflowing. This has been corrected.
  17. Some lines on the "Enter Scores -- Detailed" screen were misaligned. This has been corrected.
  18. On the "Enter Scores -- Detailed" screen, the display of the total number of putts for the Out 9, the In 9 and both 9s is now done correctly when the user toggles from one round to another and from one golfer to another.
  19. In prior versions it was possible when adding a new golfer to enter a short name with more than the displayed count of 6 characters. This would cause the program to bomb. The program has been enhanced to not bomb and to accept just the first 6 characters with all others discarded.
  20. In some situations where a new golfer is being added the program would terminate abornmally with a run time error. This rare situation has been corrected.
  21. In rare situations the program would terminate abnormally if the default golf course tee color linked to a golfer had been deleted or for some other reason, simply did not exist. This situation itself is just about impossible to create, but in the rare situations when it does happen, the program will no longer bomb out. Instead, it assumes that the first tee color on file is the default.
  22. In earlier versions, the golfer spreadsheet and the "Summary of Handicap Rounds" report sometimes identified the "best" rounds incorrectly for extremely good golfers with a PLUS handicap. This flaw has been corrected.
  23. From the main screen and from the menu at the top, click on the "Maintenance" option followed by the "System Control Parameters" sub-option. Then click on the "Handicap Approach" tab and finally on the "ESC Calculation Rules" Display command button. This sequence of clicks used to cause the program to terminate with a run time error. This bug has been eliminated.
  24. When displaying previously-entered rounds on the "Enter Scores - Full" screen, it is now impossible to get into an unworkable situation as the buttons to enable or disable the entry of hole scores or putts are disabled. Thus it is possible to alter previously-entered scores, but not the entry approach itself.
  25. The display of a previously-entered front 9 or back 9 round on the "Enter Scores - Full" screen now displays the proper entry approach. Also, for such rounds, the contents of "out" value boxes when dealing with the back 9 and the display of "in" value boxes when dealing with the front 9 have been cleared to blanks